Friday, October 16, 2009

Slowdown spells boom for email marketing firms

See 50% rises in business; for advertisers; return on investment is RS 47 for every rupee spent

How many times lave you found your email inbox filled with offers for discounted holiday packages or an insurance policy suited to your so –called needs? Or even tempting weekend getaway food fest offers at luxury hotels?

Often err delete them as spam. But many of us also click them out of sheer curiosity and… perhaps; even get hooked on to the offers.

Enter the new age of email marketing, everyway personalized communication can be maintained between a brand and its customers. Email marketing is an ascent trend in India. In the US, by comparison, 94% companies use email as a marketing tool. The size of Indian industry is pegged at 10-12 billion emails per anon, which in value terms, translates into, around Rs. 120-150 core per annum. But the market is growing at an annualized rate of about 30% and industry players foresee this becoming a Rs 500 core business in the next two years, for many, the slowdown has been an added boon spurting business by at least 25% in the last few months email and movie marketing company, the return on investment in India is Rs 476 for every rupee spent in sending the millers.

If the client is a retail chain then it mist know what products a customers is buying, average ticket size, gender, etc, so that it can talk differently to each customer.