Monday, November 2, 2009

Role of Social Media Websites

1. Billion people are available on social media sites so it’s easy to introduce products and services

2. it’s provide 24x7 connectivity channel

3. social media is the cheapest way of internet marketing then other tools like print media and TV advertising

4. it’s enable two way communication online and connect with their customers

5. Way to promote products and services

6. Huge visitors are available instead email or telephone no data

7. It’s way of virtual marketing

8. Mostly database is accurate and remain always live

9. Increase visitors as direct or indirect way on websites

10. We can get feedback, review and complaint of our products and services by social media

11. A better way to promote products and services

12. Easily get target visitors and markets

13. Use both brand building or traffic building

14. It’s easy way to take any decision then others tool people can ask their friends and community to take knowledge about related products it’s easy way to decision making

15. Customers can study products and services before purchasing, they are aware to take their products

16. Easy way to promote we can just define our products and many customers which are attach with us get information easily