Monday, January 25, 2010

Forum Posting is the easiest way to geting backlink

Getting listed in web directories, article directories, posting in forums, and blogs are some of the acceptable methods of acquiring quality backlinks. Generally, search engines index forums frequently, so posting in forums is a good way to gain quality backlinks with the anchor text of your choice. While submitting articles to directories can be a time consuming process, it does not require much effort and time to post in forums; however, one has to do his homework and take some precautions in order to be successful using forums for gaining backlinks.

You must do some research before joining any forum. You should join forums that are relevant to the sites you want to get backlinks for. You should only choose forums that are popular and active. Backlinks for high authority forums are very valuable. The number of active members and the Google PageRank of the forum can give you a good idea about its popularity. You should keep your signature short and link it to your main website. You should never create posts that sound like a propaganda or which are irrelevant to the post topic. You should pay attention to the TOS of the forum, or you will risk yourself of getting banned and losing all the backlinks you built.
List of useful Forums for backlinks